#1. Blogging

It’s been nearly 10 years since I first began blogging. Since then, this blog (like myself) has undergone several iterations. Keeping a blog has assisted both my personal and professional lives — it has provided me a way to share my experiences as an activist and has offered me a way to think through several of my research and creative interests.

I believe everyone ought to blog at some point in their lives because of how it can enrich one’s self.It provides an informal and public way to share adventures, to describe the ordinary things that make up one’s day-to-day existence, and to offer a piece of one’s inner life. Doing so publicly provides increased opportunities to thoughtfully connect with others, which assists us in our respective life’s journey.

When I first began blogging, I saw myself as a temporary expat to Lawrence, Kansas. I was renting a charming townhouse on the west side of town, living among senior citizens, and speculating what I would do professionally with the next couple of decades. My plan was to move elsewhere when my daughter graduated from high school.

Today, I own a little home on the east side of town–where most of my neighbors are younger than me–with a couple of cats and dogs for my roommates. I have made Lawrence my home and have found my circle of friends, many of whom are also relocated folks to this charming town. To be honest, it was Twitter that helped me feel that Lawrence truly had become my home. It may help to recall that Twitter began as a microblog service (before it began to be used by random weirdos to harass and bully others). And #LfK sure loves to use it to self-document and to reach out to others. Twitter offered a way for us to meet online and then, later, in real life. (In fact, I met my realtor through Twitter. Hi, Tom!) I will turn 50 in a couple of months, and so my goals for “the rest of my life” are readjusting to different horizons and expectations. It’s an interesting experience growing older. Writing, however, continues to be a constant. If I’m not writing, then I’m thinking about writing. It was true when I was in elementary school. It was true today when I was at work.

So my blog has undergone another transformation. I have different reasons to engage in it now. When I first began with WordPress, I was a junior faculty member at a teaching college and used blogging primarily as a way to communicate scholarly work in a non-scholarly way. Those posts have since been collected into projects, which I now am SLOWLY transforming into formal works. However, I no longer blog in depth the way I used to. This is due, in large part, to my professional activity. I now am in administration, and seem to have less time to write on the side. Another change that has affected my writing is that I no longer travel as extensively as I previously have. By god, I sure do cherish the experience of meeting as many people and seeing as many communities as I did during my visits across Indian Country and overseas. I believe traveling fostered my creativity and thinking.

For now, the aim of my blog is less ambitious than a decade ago. At this point, I want to pursue the simple act of doing something I love so much, which is to write and to continue to so, with some of it online. I have decided not to have a theme or particular topic to pursue with this iteration of the blog, though I still plan to offer up periodic reviews on films and books–as well as the occasional political commentary. Like painters who want to keep making retouches on their paintings, I want to revisit old posts to see if they can be made better. I do hope to tryout some of my lecture notes here, from my teaching days (which I miss dearly!), in the form of essays. I would like to try out autobiographical posts and posts about my day. Also, I want to see if I have what it takes to craft creative non-fiction and to do so online. Maybe I will begin sharing my creative writing here, too. I don’t know. My overall plan is just to blog for the sake of blogging, and to see what happens with my writing as I enter my fab 50s.

Writing can be a revelation, and so I want to see what it reveals to me this time around.


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