Cinema ’66: My Favorites from the Atomic Age


few weeks ago, there was a list going around Twitter in which twitterites named a favorite film released in each year of their lives. This then has prompted me to watch (or rewatch) as many movies as I can from my birth year. I believe there were 1000+ films released in 1966, and perhaps I will view around 100 of them. Or 50. Afterwards, my plan is to watch movies grouped in 10 year increments, so my next list will be of 1976 movies, then 1986, and so forth. I occasionally will post on selected titles.

Essential Readings in Indigenous and American Indian Studies (Draft)

Indigenous and American Indian Studies is a field that explores and analyzes Tribal Nationhood: sovereignty, self-determination, Tribal Nation rebuilding, and respectful coexistence. It seeks to promote and foster the understanding and practice of each of these four elements. While not a legal or history or a literary or anthropology field, Indigenous and American Indian studies can utilize these subjects–and others–to further understanding of the development and growth of a contemporary and robust, thriving Tribal nationhood.

In Amour, a Look at a Love’s Last Dance

One suspects that in their old age, Anne and Georges are satisfied with the simple joys of each other’s company, content in the ordinary details that fill their days—talking, reading, eating together.

Red Earth, Green Money, White Pockets: Casino Jack and the United States of Money

Ultimately “Casino Jack and the United States of Money” is about a system designed to foster the personal quest for political power over political service.

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