Nawa! Welcome. I am a citizen of the Pawnee nation, and I live in Lawrence, Kansas, with my family, two dogs (Sammie, a chocolate lab, and Mrs. Beasley, a pekingese) and two cats (Joe and Bowie, both tabbies). I write about culture, politics, Indian Country, and the list goes on. I enjoy thinking and reading.

From what I understand, my writing has appeared in a couple of anthologies. In addition, Indian Country Today and Last Real Indians have published my columns. Sometimes I am on the radio or in the newspapers, but mostly I write and jot notes on this blog, which began in 2008 as Last Woman (several LW posts are on this site). Interestingly, a Wall Street Journal reporter once favorably highlighted my work, although I am uncertain as to why since I am a staunch believer in Tribal Sovereignty.

More about me: I like coffee, guacamole, Tribal-based activists and advocates, my girlfriends, decolonization, and funk music.

There is always the fine print, and here is mine:

  • Classroom use: Professors and teachers who use this blog in their classrooms have my deepest appreciation. If you assign good fox for your students, please let me know because I am curious that way. (Students: I hope you use my writings in your work. You can cite to this blog’s URL or, if you give me advance notice, I can send you a .pdf of the complete post of interest and, time permitting, answer your questions.)
  • Disclaimer: good fox represents my opinions only, and not those of my Tribe or my employer.
  • Inquiries and emails are encouraged. Drop me a note at “goodfox [at] juliagoodfox [dot] com.” (And please be patient with me if it takes a while to respond to your message.)
  • Please feel free to use the entries written by me in your work. (For articles and posts written by other people that I have posted on this site, please contact them directly to inquiry about copyright and permissions.) Except where otherwise noted, good fox is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial 3.0 United States License